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Where does the word Vacuum come from?

The word “vacuum” comes from the Latin word “vacuus,” which means “empty”, and is related to the word “vacare”, which means to be empty.

Who invented the first vacuum cleaner?

The first vacuum cleaner was invented by James Spangler, and he was credited with the first portable electric vacuum cleaner.  He was inspired by a vacuum pump used to remove air from water tanks in ships.

What are vacuum cleaners commonly referred to as?

Vacuum cleaners are sometimes called Hoovers, after the company that pioneered their use in households.

Some cool facts about vacuums:

Vacuums are a pretty amazing invention, and we’ve been using them for so many years now that it’s hard to imagine a time before they existed. But did you know that…

  • The word vacuum comes from the Latin word “vacare,” which means “to be empty.” The original vacuum cleaners were called “pumpers” because they used suction to clean carpets and floors. They were powered by hand or foot!
  • The first vacuum cleaner was powered by an electric motor and weighed 100 pounds!
  • The first vacuum cleaner was invented in 1901 by a man named Hubert Cecil Booth. He had a goal to create a machine that could clean his carpets so he could sell them.
  • Vacuums were first used commercially by farmers who used them on their barns to get rid of hay dust and dirt from their stalls!
  • There are over 4,000 different types of vacuums available today.
  • The most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market is made by Dyson and has a suction power of 1,341 watts!
  • Vacuums can be used for more than just cleaning your house! You can apply them to all kinds of things including your car, your clothes, or even your hair!

Who invented the carpet sweeper?

Vacuums were first invented in 1858 by American inventor Melville Bissell? He was inspired by his dog’s fur getting stuck in the gears of his sewing machine. He tried to invent the machine that would remove pet hair from carpets as well, but it didn’t work out very well.


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